Friday, February 11, 2011

New Kia Forte 6speed

This is the new kia Forte with 6speed its kinda just like a 'Facelift model'
New Naza Forte 1.6 EX 6Speed with Bodykit -11 - Image
The new Kia Forte are now with new Front Grille and the fog lamp are slightly wide than the previous model.

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There are no different on the back. As we can see here the different are the rim.
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The interior are still all black tone that show futuristic and sporty looks. Theres a new Gear knob and its look kinda BMW looks like but some of the customer doesnt like the new Gear looks they loves the previous model Gear. But to me it looks good.
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Now the side mirror come with LED Repeater its kinda thin and small but its LED! But i still like the old one thought.
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Now the rim are slightly bigger for EX version from 15 to 16 inch rim. The rim design looks quite acceptable.

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