Thursday, May 19, 2011

Camera Baru!

Aku beli camera baru ni atas sebab camera lama yang telah rosak. Ermm camera ni aku beli pada 15 May lalu.. so far dia punya specification dia bagus la.. huhu ^^

Warna Hitam
Aku pilih warna Hitam sebab nampak gah. Dia ada macam2 kaler lagi merah,pink,silver,biru.

Kat bawah ni ada sedikit sebanyak tentang camera nih. Bacalah yer.. :)

Olympus VG-120 Specification

Olympus VG-120The Olympus VG-120 is a 14 megapixels digital camera with a 5x optical zoom lens. Although this camera comes in at the cheaper end of the market it has one or two features that give it an edge over some of its direct competitors. For example Olympus have equipped the VG-120 with the ability to shoot High Definition movies.

Other features worth mentioning include a 3 inch LCD screen for composing your photos and accessing the menu system. In macro mode the VG-120 can focus from 7cm away from a subject. This is a little more distant than a lot of digital cameras in this category are capable of.

The VG-120 is certainly small and lightweight. At a shade over 19mm wide you should be able to slip it into most pockets more or less unnoticed. It is then ready to take advantage of any snapshot opportunities that may present themselves.

You can pick up the VG-120 in anyone of four different colours. These are red, silver, blue and black. Power is supplied by a lithium ion battery. A battery and a cable for charging are supplied as standard with the camera.

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